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ae_group-240pxAeolus Energy Group is proud to provide excellent technical & maintenance services to the wind, solar and offshore industry. We have assembled a large group of experienced professionals in the wind energy sector which enables AEG to deliver professional services to our customers.

AEG provides a highly skilled workforce to the wind onshore and offshore industry. AEG provides the services to overcome the complexities and installation challenges for wind farm projects. We provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of scope-of-services needed for large projects.

Aeolus is pronounced [ˈe.olos] and was founded in 2012 to provide  excellent technical services to the wind industry. We have assembled a large group of experienced professionals in the wind energy sector which enables AES to be an excellent group to deliver professional service to our customers and owners expectations.

AES provides a highly skilled workforce to the industry.  The services currently offered are, but not limited to, Quality Inspector, Punchlist / Non Compliance Report Technician, Technical Advisors (TA), Blade Technicians, Generator Alignment crews, Commissioning Services, Project Management, Logistics Coordinators, Safety Coordinators.

AES is applying high quality standards as guidelines for its processes and operations and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. As of late 2015, AES has received approval for OHSAS 18001.

AES is dedicated to the principle of maintaining the highest levels of quality and integrity in communicating with people inside and outside of its business operations.

Proud Sponsor of the 2016 IPF Show.

Our Companies



Wind Power Offshore is a trusted and growing source of energy. Our offshore group provides turn-key services.



The Aeolus Energy Servicing branch provides the most technically skilled professionals  and engineers for key projects.



Aeolus Energy Solar harnesses the cleanest of renewable energies which is a free source of energy for our customers.



The AE Solutions team provides the man-power and innovative solutions to fulfill and maintain all sizes of wind farms.

News & Events

Offshore Wind Farm Milestones Reached in US

Installation of First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Complete On August 18, 2016 it was released that construction on the Block Island Wind Farm is complete. The 30-megawatt project off the coast of Rhode Island will be commissioned by the end of the year. Wind Energy Development Offshore North Carolina U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally…


Buoy Collects Data, Improving Offshore Wind Industry

Research buoy collected a wealth of information, forming database to help improve the offshore wind industry. One of two research buoys commissioned by the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has ended a 19-month deployment off Virginia Beach, Virginia. During this time, the heavily instrumented buoy collected a wealth of information, which forms the first…


Current Administration’s Climate Action Plan For Offshore Wind Farm

Current administration’s Climate Action Plan, calls for major investments in offshore wind farm construction! The federal government on Friday unveiled its vision for wind farms off of nearly every U.S. coastline by 2050, in an effort to generate 86 gigawatts of electricity from offshore wind — enough zero-carbon power for more than 23 million homes. The…


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Aeolus Energy Group proudly serves a wide costumer base around the world onshore and off. We eagerly serve new customers and wind farm projects and continually develop new client relationships.

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